Dues What are my dues for?

At the local level, dues support:

  1. Negotiations
  2. Arbitration / Grievance
  3. Pays your elected representatives and committee members to uphold your contract and work for you
  4. Professional Development Opportunities (including re-licensure workshops, new teacher orientation, retirement planning, health care workshops, and more!)
  5. Sick Bank
  6. Insurance Discounts: can equal or surpass the amount of your dues!

Our Regional Uniserve is involved in:

    Political Organizing

  1. Continuation of lobbying group activities at the state and local levels.
  2. Continue the work of the Political Education Core Team.
  3. Continue to enroll WEA-PAC membership.
  4. Encourage Local Association participation in community elections and levy programs.


  1. Improvement in at least one area of each local associations contract.
  2. Continue the focus on Bargaining with the Bigger 9, CTL and ESP.
  3. Encourage and facilitate participation in the Eastern Region and WEA Bargaining Conferences.

    Member Outreach

  1. Continue with the work of Tuvalu, Sparks, and the PEA, WEA LA, RA Grant programs.
  2. Encourage Local Association attendance at Council/Cluster meetings and other Council activities.
  3. To have staff and governance available for local associations as requested.





    Your Dues:    $76.15

                            $12.75 goes to NEA

                            $27.92 goes to WEA

                            $1.00   goes to Outreach

                            $12.58 goes to Uniserve

                            $18.90 goes to Local

                            $3.00   goes to Special Assesment


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