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By contributing to WEA-PAC, you help make certain that the people who make decisions about public school funding understand and support our issues. WEA-PAC gives us a united voice!

Who can join WEA-PAC?
WEA-PAC membership and contributions are limited to WEA members and WEA employees.

How come WEA-PAC only supports Democrats? I hate Democrats, so why should I join?
Contrary to popular legend, WEA-PAC does support candidates from other parties. WEA-PAC invites all candidates running for a specific office to participate in the questionnaire, interview and recommendation process. A decision is then made as to which candidate to recommend based on pro-public education issues.

I don't like every position a candidate has taken, so why should I support him or her at all?
WEA-PAC interviews and supports candidates after identifying their positions on public education issues. It is difficult in today's world to find a person or organization we agree with on all issues -- therefore we support candidates from both parties -- offering bi-partisan support.

The legislators we supported aren't supporting our COLA funding … Why should we do anything for them or join WEA-PAC?
Political influence is ongoing -- WEA-PAC can support new political leadership. WEA-PAC can act independently to reward those who do remain a valued friend. Local-level races such as school boards, and nonpartisan seats such as judicial races, are just as important as the legislative races -- WEA-PAC supports these candidates also.

Politics doesn't have anything to do with my job, so why should I join a PAC?
Like it or not, your job is directly controlled by politicians. Politicians set the state's salary grid, decide how much money will be budgeted to reduce your class size, provide time and funds for job training, set the length of your work day and the school year, dictate your certification standards, decide how much money your district can raise in its levies, enact school reform/ accountability/ & curriculum policies, and dictate the general parameters of everything from health coverage to retirement benefits.

I can't afford to join … or can I?
The minimum annual membership fees are divided into two categories:

$15 -- Classified, Retired, Students, and part-time Higher-ed faculty
$20 -- Certified, full-time Higher-ed faculty and WEA staff
WEA-PAC's membership year runs from September through August. You have your choice of ways to pay: by cash, check or credit card. For the price of a large pizza each year, you can help keep your profession's voice strong.

How is the money be used?
WEA-PAC money is expended in a variety of ways …

*Contributions to candidates
*Reaching out to voters through direct mail and paid media ads
*Supporting both major political parties
*What control do I have over WEA-PAC and the money it spends?
*WEA-PAC holds a general membership meeting every year held during the WEA Representative Assembly. All WEA-PAC members are invited to attend and add their voice to the decision-making process. In addition, each UniServ council sends one representative to WEA-PAC's Management Board to represent its WEA-PAC members when WEA-PAC decisions are made. These representatives have weighted votes, so that council chapters have equitable representation based their number of WEA-PAC members. You can volunteer to participate in the candidate-recommendation process for your WEA-PAC council chapter .

How does WEA-PAC payroll deduction work?


Simply fill out the WEA-PAC Payroll Deduction Authorization form. Remember to press hard - you are making 5 copies). Keep the gold copy for your records. Return all the other copies to your Local President or Building Rep.


How much do I have deducted?


The payroll deduction is $27 per year -- ($2.25 per month for 12 months) -- no more, no less. These deductions are ongoing year after year until you notify WEA and your school district to discontinue.


When do my WEA-PAC payroll deductions begin?


You can file a WEA-PAC payroll deduction authorization at any time. The payroll deduction amount is never retroactive or prorated; you pay $2.25 per month no matter what time of year you sign up.


Can I contribute more than $27 per year?


Yes, but not through payroll deduction. Additional contributions can be made by check, cash or credit card.


What if I'm already paying by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or bank deductions?


If you wish to change to payroll deduction and no longer use EFT or bank deductions, simply mark the box at the bottom of the WEA-PAC Authorization form. If you have already turned in your form, please contact your local association representative.


What if I decide to cancel WEA-PAC payroll deduction?


WEA will notify WEA-PAC members of their status each year and provide an opportunity to discontinue the deduction. If you plan to retire or do retire before you receive the discontinue notice, please contact your local association.


Am I required to report my WEA-PAC payroll contribution?


No. WEA will provide contributors' names to the PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) as required by law.

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